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This machine has taken our company to the next level. We save money on oil, terpenes, labor and time. We have built a more efficient, effective filling process since the day it was delivered. You can't lose.

Wildflower Hemp Co

We Switched from a FiftyShot to an Alchemist Filling Machine recently and we couldn't be more happy that we made the switch. We use to get through a few hundred cartridges of a few different strains in a day. Now we're getting through 15+ strains and 5000+ cartridges in a day!


So stoked that we got an Alchemist Filling Machine! It totally changed the game for cartridge filling.


Alchemist Filling Machines have really helped out my production times. I've been working in the industry for about 4 years and in my time I've tried a lot of ways to process distillate cartridges and syringes. I finally made the purchase for an Alchemist Filling Machine and went from being able to process 200-300 cartridges in a full day all the way to to well above 2000 cartridges in a day.

Medusa Farms


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