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Meet Our Team

Jack Waterman


Jack Waterman has done a variety of fun projects over the years: dozen of kinds of high power microwave amplifiers, Patriot missile head control, custom video chips to drive HDTVs, F18 E/F, Apache flat screen displays, submarine detection system, TRW satellite power systems, and communications hardware on all Navy ships.

Anthony Hamilton


Anthony Hamilton, of I/O Extracts fame, had the idea for the K.I.S.S Filling Machine (patent pending) and hired Clarify, LLC Tempe (Jack and David) to bring it to life. We have made and sold more than 180 units since Sept, 2020. Anthony is busy on other projects now but still checks in frequently.



Caleb is a top machinist who works alongside engineers and physicists designing new products for a large Phoenix area company that make things that go very fast. He gets to make his own hours there, and in his spare time makes our stuff in his air-conditioned garage on his Haas 6-axis machining center.

David Gonzalez


David Gonzalez builds the whole thing, right here in Tempe, AZ. He is fast and accurate. He controls his own assembly room. He is so fast, that he has time for sales and marketing. Nice to have a sales guy that know his product inside & out.


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